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Nantlle Railway - Bronant

Map of Nantlle Railway in Plas Dinas area
Having crossed below the WHR,  the line veers off  to the left in a narrow cutting visible in a hollow  behind the fence. Drystone walls still line the cutting
The line heads out into an open field, still the route of a stream. In the field, the cutting gradually peters out as the line swings round  in a gentle arc  
A boggy crossing marks the transition from cutting to embankment.  This lies just opposite Bronant crossing on the WHR. The line takes to an embankment which continues the curve round the edge of the field  towards the WHR again.
The embankment is on the left and is somewhat eroded.
In this view it is approaching the WHR embankment which lies on the right.
As the two embankments converge they are almost at the same level...
... and they finally merge,  with the two routes now coinciding for some distance

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All pictures David Tidy 2012