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Nantlle Railway - Bronnydd

In this section the line continues to meander but few relics are to be found

Map of Nantlle Railway in Bronydd area
Some way beyond Cefn Werthyd crossing, in a tangle of undergrowth, the line diverges almost imperceptibly to the left of the WHR An embankment can just be made out in the undergrowth...
...only for it to be truncated abruptly at the field boundary.  The remainder of embankment which lay in the field beyond has been bulldozed away. An original stone culvert survives under the end of the embankment
Where the line once ran across the fields to the rear of Bronnydd all trace of it has vanished It looped around the rear of the buildings at Bronnydd,  as seen here from the WHR.
On its way back towards the WHR it passed through these fields,  again leaving almost no trace.   Crossing to the other side of the WHR,  the line curved round to merge with the WHR, leaving  a widened formation for some distance

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All pictures David Tidy 2012