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Nantlle Railway - Caernarfon

In Caernarfon, after crossing St Helens Road, the line gradually drops down to street level and crosses the road again, heading  to the slate quays to end in a complex of 3ft 6in lines serving the quaysides. All trace of the line is lost,  but its influence on the geography of the area is still evident.

Map of Nantlle Railway in Coed Helen area
The line crossed St Helens Road at the bend in the distance.  The road itself has since been realigned and raised to pass over the WHR whereas previously it passed under the railway.  The route of the former road diverges beyond the wall on the right and the old bridge under the railway is still in place.
Having crossed St Helens Road, the line continued on a bank above the road, with the later standard gauge route lying on the right.

The line gradually descended to road level.  At one time a long siding ran back along the street to serve the gasworks.

A short branch went off to the left here, probably passing between the two buildings where the grey wall now stands.
A toll house stood near the site of the water tower

Another short branch passed to the left of de Winton's engineering works,  possibly serving some lime kilns

The line itself continued directly along the road towards the castle.  Most of the buildings around here were erected after the line was in place. After the coming of the standard gauge line a transshipment wharf existed near here for some time before the quayside rail network was converted to standard gauge.
Viewing from the castle direction, the line ran along the road to be seen on the right, arriving beside the Harbour Trust office.
The line finally fanned out into a network of sidings to serve the slate quays, now used as a car park.

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