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Nantlle Railway - Dinas

Although the route can be traced in this section,  little in the way of original structures survives
Map of Nantlle Railway in dinas area
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The line starts to diverge from the WHR at Dinas Station bridge, passing beside the row of cottages along a route which is now a farm access road. Where the farm road turns sharply to the left,  the railway went straight on to cross the field, leaving no trace today. 
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This solitary tree most probably stood beside the line, a lone sentinel marking the former route. The line curved round to meet up with the field boundary near the farm, where it starts to descend.
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The line approaches the WHR at the corner of the field. After running alongside through some as a footpath, it finally crosses the WHR  at  a slightly lower level. 

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All pictures David Tidy 2012