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Beddgelert Water Tower

At the insistence of the WHR Heritage Group, the McAlpine-built concrete supports for the water tower at Beddgelert survived the reconstruction, as did the Ash Pit and Lamp Room base.

Moel Tryfan at Beddgelert water tower
Moel Tryfan at Beddgelert Water Tower

Beddgelert Water Tower and ash pit 1988 - David Allan
Beddgelert Water Tower  and Ash Pit - 1988

Beddgelert Water Tower today - David Allan
Beddgelert Water Tower  2009 aligned with the Ash Pit which has a cover in place.
Beddgelert Water Tank at DinasBeddgelert Water Tank - David Tidy

Replica water tank during surface preparation (left) and ready for installation (right)

Beddgelert Ashpit - Picture by Andy Keene
June 2012 update

The siding was originally aligned with the ash pit, but it has is now being relaid as it could not be used in full owing to the sharp curvature which was incompatible with current rolling stock.

The ash pit itself will be preserved but as it does not conform to modern safety standards it cannot be used in any case and it has been filled in  (with an ash covering - see photo).

Funding is earmarked  for making the tank functional after installation.
Water tank delivery - John HineWater tank delivery - John Hine
The tank was delivered by rail to Beddgelert on 22nd February 2013 and positioned ready for erection beside the base on 9th March 2013. The ash pit is now hidden where the wagon is standing on the realigned siding
Concreting Beddglert Water Tower - Stuart McNairConcreting Beddglert Water Tower - Stuart McNair
The top of the base was concreted on 30th April 2013 in readiness for installing the replica tank
The tank in position - Stuart McNair
The tank was finally positioned on the column on 3rd June 2013.  It remains for the water supply to be connected and the fittings added before the tank is functional
Prince watering at the heritage tankCedric and Prince at the heritage tank
9th September 2016. Thanks to the work of Cedric Lodge,  the tank has finally been made operational. It was first put into use during the Superpower weekend when the first loco to fill up at the tank was Prince on the left.  Cedric is shown with Prince on the right.  Click on the pictures for full size images

A poster for display at the site has been produced by Andrew Thomas to explain the developments which are in progress. Click here to download