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The Welsh Highland Railway Heritage Group is dedicated to the preservation, conservation and restoration of the original infrastructure associated with the former Welsh Highland and North Wales Narrow Gauge Railways.

The Group has ensured that, where possible, the buildings and other features that contributed to the character of the railway, and to the countryside through which it ran, have been preserved during the reconstruction phase, helping both to enhance the experience of today’s passengers and to preserve the ethos which made the line unique.

With the reconstruction reaching completion, the Group has moved on its priorities from ‘preservation’ to ‘restoration’. At the same time, cataloguing and recording of the line’s history is an on-going activity.

Current restoration projects include:

The Group welcomes everyone who is concerned about, and interested in, those railways which contributed their character and background to what in 1923 became known as The Welsh Highland Railway.

The Group publishes a quarterly journal, "Welsh Highland Heritage" which is sent to all members and  contains articles about the old line and its workings.

Membership subscriptions

Annual Membership 15

Junior (under 18 yr old)   5

Life Membership   (Under 65) 250   (Over 65) 150

Memberships are due prior to 1st January, and run 12 months from that date.

If you would like to help, or be associated with this work, and receive regular copies of “Welsh Highland Heritage”,  we invite you to print out and complete the membership form, and post it with an SAE and cheque to cover the amount  to the membership secretary Derek Lystor.

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Online subscriptions
You can pay your annual subscription online by clicking the button below. New members are asked also to send the completed membership form to the membership secretary

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Would you be willing to make a donation? We are always in need of funds to help sustain the heritage of our railway. 

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